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The Options Industry Council Announces Continued Options Volume Growth As October Trading Volume Increased 24%

Chicago—November 1, 2006

The Options Industry Council (OIC) announced today that options growth continued in October as 191,345,239 contracts traded hands, a 23.6 percent jump over October 2005 which traded 154,794,867 contracts and set a monthly trading volume record at the time.

Equity options trading for the month ended at 174,752,225 contracts, an increase of 24.6 percent over last year's number of 140,238,062 contracts. Year-to-date equity options volume is at 1,520,592,554 contracts, up 37.4 percent over the same period last year.

Year-to-date total options volume stands at 1,673,029,667 contracts, an increase of 37.4 percent over the same period last year.

Additional October volume statistics reported by The Options Clearing Corporation include:

  • Average daily equity options volume was 7,943,283 contracts (up 18.9 percent over October 2005 figure of 6,678,003 contracts)
  • Average daily total volume average was 8,697,511 contracts (an increase of 18 percent over the October 2005 daily volume average of 7,371,184 contracts)
  • Year-to-date average daily volume is 7,966,808 contracts (up 37.4 percent over last year)

October Highlights

On October 4, the total number of options traded for the year reached 1,505,932,244 contracts, surpassing the annual volume record for 2005. This milestone was reached three weeks earlier than last year and with nearly three full months remaining for trading this year.

A new top 10 record volume day for total options was added on October 20 when 11,743,240 contracts traded hands. That same day, equity options volume reached 10,595,490 contracts, setting a top 10 record volume day for equity options.

A new open interest record was set on October 20 with 253,883,642 contracts, surpassing the previous record set on September 12 of 231,985,660 contracts. Open interest, the total number of options contracts not yet exercised or allowed to expire, is seen as an indication of longer-term investing in these instruments.

About OIC

OIC is a non-profit association funded by the American Stock Exchange, Boston Options Exchange, Chicago Board Options Exchange, International Securities Exchange, NYSE Arca, Philadelphia Stock Exchange and The Options Clearing Corporation. OIC's resources include: The Options Industry Services Help Desk at 1-888-OPTIONS, educational Web sites at and, live seminars throughout the continental United States and Canada , and educational literature and software.

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