Wide World of Options Radio Show

Wide World of Options Radio Show

OIC's Wide World of Options features a dynamic mix of current events, investor resources, strategy insights and interviews with a variety of options professionals throughout the industry.

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Some regular show segments featured on Wide World of Options include:

Strategy Spotlight
Interested in learning the basics of a covered call or more advanced topics like the iron condor? This segment takes a deeper dive into the intricacies of various option strategies and concepts.

Profiles & Perspectives
Learn about the movers and shakers within the options space in this segment featuring industry professionals who are making an impact in the financial arena.

Industry Happenings
Keep on top of the latest topics that are impacting the options industry.

Tools, Resources and Good Reads
Looking for a few good resources to help enhance your options learning? In this segment, you'll receive information on books, trading tools and other long time industry "go-to's" that can help you along in your options journey.

Looking Back
Take a step back in time with a review of topics that have shaped the financial services industry including significant events in options history, volume growth, market prices and other stories that might surprise you.

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